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While COVID continues to temper how we enjoy activities associated with the Club, we do have a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. For all Club activities, until further notice, we suggest following the CDC, state, and county guidelines: stay six feet apart, no sharing of food, wear a mask, respect each other’s space on the docks, in the Clubhouse, and in the parking lot. As Multnomah County changes risk categories, current specific restrictions will be posted in the Clubhouse.


2024 Destinations

If you are planning to join us on Lazy day, it is best to let our Cruising Chairs know your plans in order to secure a spot on the docks together with our group during our time in Cathlamet.

In general it’s best to please keep dogs on a leash while cruising with groups.

  • Spring Equinox Cruise
    Friday March 22, to Sunday March 24—Bartlett Landing (Govt. Island East Dock) 
  • April Showers Cruise
    Friday April 26 to Sunday April 28—Bartlett Landing (Govt. Island East Dock)
  • Memorial Day Weekend Cruise
    Friday May 24 to Monday May 27, Bartlett’s Landing

School’s Out Cruise

July 20-27 — Lazy Days Downriver Cruise

  • Pirates Family Fun Cruise
    Friday August 9 to Sunday August 11, Schwitter’s Landing
  • Labor Day Weekend Cruise
    Friday August 30 to Monday September 2, Beacon Rock
  • Autumnal Equinox Cruise
    Friday September 20 to Sunday September 22, Schwitter’s Landing
  • Fall Foliage Cruise
    Friday October 11 to Sunday October 13, Bartlett’s Landing



RCYC Frostbite Regatta

RCYC Medium Distance Race

Harry Brault Memorial Long Distance Race

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Until further notice, all Board and General Meetings are being held via Zoom. Social activities noted on the calendar are placeholders, so people can tentatively make plans. However, County and State guidelines will dictate when we can safely hold such gatherings. Emails will provide further information as the year progresses.


  • Board/General Meetings
  • Coffeehouse Jams
  • Holiday Gatherings
  • Knauti Knitters
  • May: Opening Day Parade
  • July 4th: Land Cruise
  • Ladies Dinner
  • Private events
  • Walk BBQs


  • February: Commodore’s Ball
  • Ladies dinners at other clubs
  • Fundraising events
  • Christmas Ships

Work Parties

A minimum of 16 hours is required of each Active Membership annually, with 8 hours minimum required before June 10th. The calendar year for work hours ends on December 10th.

Active Memberships are those who are boat owners and who are eligible for moorage, whether their boat is in the moorage or not.

Work Parties will return to traditional format this year. Work Party invitations will be sent out before each scheduled Work Party. Please RSVP to help in planning. All Work Parties will be on Saturdays and will begin at 9:00 unless otherwise noted. Lunch will be provided.

Assignments will be given out by the Work Party Leader at the Club House the morning of the Work Party. Please observe all Covid restrictions in effect at the time of the Work Party.

There may be some opportunities outside of work parties, like special projects or emergencies but please do not depend on those.

We plan on 4 spring work parties – 3/2, 3/23, 4/6, 4/27 and 4 fall parties – 9/14, 9/28, 10/19 and 11/2. Sign up to assist, lead or organize lunches for a work party.

Learn about the maintenance tasks performed by members:
Annual Schedule of Tests, Inspections, and Maintenance (PDF)

Questions? Email RCYC work party Program Lead, Greg Douglass.


Each year RCYC dredges the moorage. In the last year, however no dredging occurred in response to the COVID virus. Therefore, as many members have noticed, the moorage has silted in. The dredging effort generally commences the first week of November and continues until completion, which takes about 6 weeks depending the progress made. The moorage is surveyed and the depths to be dredged are determined. A final survey is undertaken the second week of October.

Click here to read more about dredging at RCYC

Rose City puts together a team of dedicated and hardy individuals for about six weeks each year to keep our club from silting in and becoming a beach club.