About RCYC

RCYC is one of the oldest and largest yachts clubs in the Portland area, tracing its beginnings to 1932. Our yacht club facilities, just east of 33rd Avenue at 3737 NE Marine Drive, offers members a gated parking lot, a roomy club house and reasonable moorage rates.

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We offer

* organized programs appealing to a wide variety of boaters
* modern and secure moorage and access to a clubhouse on the water
* the camaraderie of others with similar boating interest.

Our moorage has space for over 130 boats and members regularly get together to work on upgrades such as our recently added shower facilities. Work parties are a club tradition and give members a sense of pride in the club's amenities. The club sponsors boater education classes presented by knowledgeable members on topics ranging from celestial and coastal navigation to understanding your boat's plumbing or electrical systems. Monthly general meetings feature outside experts from weather forecasting to the river patrol to world cruising. If you have a question on any nautical topic, there is always someone available with an answer or advice.

Social Activities fill out the club calendar. Many look forward to the Opening Day parade in May and the Commodore's Ball each February.

The RCYC clubhouse on the Columbia River hosts family dinners and events year-round such as our annual luau, and barbecues held throughout the year. Our location provides front-row seats for local celebrations including the Vancouver Fourth of July fireworks and the Christmas Ships Parade.

Cruising means many things to RCYC members. Some prefer the spontaneity of informal weekend gunk-holing, while others gather on boats and docks for the club's organized cruises to favorite spots such as Beacon Rock, St. Helens and Hadley's Landing. Each summer many Club members head north to the spectacular cruising areas in Puget Sound, British Columbia and Alaska and a few adventurous club members have sailed to exotic ports on the far corners of the world. Tales from these trips make for lively conversation at the clubhouse.

Racing has long been popular among RCYC sailors. Members have competed in the Oregon Offshore, Swiftsure, Bridge to Bridge, Victoria to Maui, and Transpac races. The club sponsors a Columbia River Long Distance race and many of our sailors participate in race series sponsored by other clubs and sailing organizations. For those who prefer a little less formal completion, RCYC pairs family fun races with popular barbecues during the summer.

Updated 03/24/2006

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