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Sold Snipe – $2,400

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      Snipe Sailboat 15-½ ft long by 5 ft wide. Two sets of North sails; light air and heavy air. This is a daggerboard sailboat that weighs in at about 300#. Includes trailer, boat cover and spare tire. Great boat for learning how to sail. Easy to right if capsized. Large openings in rear to clear out any water as well as an in hull drain that works while underway. Competitive racing class if you want to campaign it. Great for kids. Launch from any boat ramp. Light enough to tow with almost any car to the lakes of Oregon. Great conversation piece as it looks good on the trailer – I get a lot of compliments. Christian; 503-292-2165
      $2,400.00 – Youth discount available. Proof of age required.

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