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Smoothie rewire – 1/9/23

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        I have had a lot of questions about my upcoming rewire so I am starting this thread so those interested can follow along, ask questions, and make comments. This process won’t be quick so don’t expect a post everyday.

        Currently, the wiring on Smoothie is a mess. The prior owner rewired the boat but used tinned wire he purchased at a flea market. I don’t think there is any one piece longer than 5′ on the boat. Splices everywhere and extra cable laying in every locker.

        The biggest part of this project is the planning. What wire, what panel, how many circuits, how to splice, home runs or series, etc.

        For the AC system I will be reusing what I can from the existing panel pieces. I don’t have much AC on the boat so it will be minimal.

        For the DC system, I was going to make the panel from scratch. However, after looking around I found I could purchase a panel for a reasonable price as opposed to buying all the materials and breakers I would need to make it. I went with a Paneltronics 20 circuit DC panel. In addition, I am adding an 8 position panel next to it for a total of 28 DC breakers. I found this panel ranging from $400 up $900. I went with the $400 one.

        I purchased Ancor wire on Black friday at 40% off. I purchase 350′ of 12ga. tinned marine wire. This will give me a good start. I will have to purchase additional wire sizes for the frig, windlass, etc.

        I need circuits for the following circuits:

        Cabin lights
        Water pressure
        Running lights
        Steaming light
        Deck light
        Anchor light
        Cockpit lights
        Engine lights
        Anchor windlass
        Auto helm
        DC outlets
        Bilge pumps
        Water heater
        Shower sump
        Water maker
        Fuel polisher

        I will be using terminal strips to keep the system neat and easy to troubleshoot. There are a lot of terminal strips available but you need to make sure to use zinc plated brass terminals or you may have issues with corrosion.

        Now for the warning: Scary pictures attached. You have been warned.

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          Great thread CJ, thanks for sharing!

          I will be watching this closely as I’m almost done with the wood-working part of this boat I’m building and wiring will be coming up soon.

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