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Pacific NW Offshore Race – cruising class

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        I am writing to encourage people who are interested in participating in the Pacific NW Offshore Race, nee Oregon Offshore Race, to consider signing up. Whether one is a hardened racer or a cruiser like me, the event is a lot of fun and very satisfying on many levels. In addition to being a way to get your boat north in the company of some very knowledgeable sailors, it is also a way to better get to know your boat. And, for those who have never gone north, it might seem a daunting task but it is actually a lot easier than one might think.

        As you probably know, the race is from Buoy 2, just outside the Columbia Bar, to Victoria, BC. This year it starts on Thursday, May 16. Depending on wind and sea conditions, most people finish on Saturday. On Sunday there is an awards BBQ at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. The following Saturday is the start of the famous Swiftsure Race, which is also great fun whether one participates in one of the long, overnight races, or signs up for the shorter around the buoy race and ends at the RVYC.

        For those who have never sailed north or participated in the Offshore and feel they might need some guidance, there are many who are willing and able to help, myself included.

        If anybody has any questions, feel free to contact me.

        Phil Lewis

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