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NOAA to cancel all paper charts by January 2025

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        “All traditional NOAA paper nautical charts will be canceled by January 2025
        NOAA has already started to cancel individual charts and will shut down all production and maintenance of traditional paper nautical charts and the associated raster chart products and services by January 2025.

        Mariners and other users of nautical charts are encouraged to use the electronic navigational chart (NOAA ENC®), NOAA’s premier nautical chart product.”

        Charts being discontinued

        Future of NOAA Charts

        I’m a bit uncomfortable with this. I like to plot my position on a paper chart. Relying on electronic devices does nothing for my comfort. I want to be able to operate without any electronics. A paper chart can be grabbed and taken with in an emergency where an electronic version is a bit harder to do this.



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          This is a terrible idea. We need paper charts. They are the reliable backup for all the varieties of failure-prone electronics.

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            And they don’t go away when the power goes out.


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            Bruce Newton

              It looks like there are a lot of reasons why NOAA is switching. It appears you will be able to specify a custom chart and probably be able to get it printed through a commercial provider. It will be up the minute current; instead of buying a new chart that is many years out of date.

              Found this on the website:
              NOAA Custom Chart (NCC) PDF – Printing
              Bluewater Books & Charts
              The Map Shop
              East View Geospatial
              Canada Nautical
              Paradise Cay Publications
              The Blueprint Shop
              Frugal Navigator

              Interesting to see the progression of technology. Back in the late 1970’s EPA was digitizing rivers and streams. Data storage was expensive and we decided to use vector based mapping (start at this point, go in this direction for this distance, stop; define the next vector) over raster based mapping (more like how a jpg picture is constructed). The vector approach also had advantages for pollution modeling. Then with cheap data storage everything went to raster mapping. Now it is going back to vector mapping.

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                Some questions come to mind:

                1) How available will the new system be. Currently, it’s easy to go to a marine store and get a chart for the local area.

                2) Will there be printers at the stores or will you have to order the chart you want ahead of time? I see problems with having to find a commercial printer to print your charts. And will they know what specs to use for printing (i.e., paper thickness, etc.).

                3) How will this change the way chart books are created?

                4) Will there be a download available for the current chart parameters?

                I do like the idea of having the most current info on the chart. Customizable charts sounds nice also. I’m sure once the bugs get worked out it will probably be a good thing.

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