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July 15- Basic Symmetrical Spinnaker 101 ~ 10 to noon

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        I have to admit: spinnakers are my favorite sail. It’s like having a turbo for the down wind journey. Just like a turbo, the first few times you are hit it are a bit scary, and you may not understand what just happened or how/why it happened. The more you do it, the more comfortable it becomes, the more you think you may understand, and the faster you will probably go. Guaranteed, you will have more stories to tell once you get back to the dock.

        Cruisers- this sail is for you! You may not always be so late for happy hour should you choose to use this tool, umm…. sail . No one wants to be late for happy hour. All the good appetizers have already been eaten. Oh, yea, did I mention more time to tell and hear those stories?

        Or you just bought a sailboat. Some where you found a round topped bag that contained a sail. One head and two clews. Not quite right, but could be interesting, you thought. What do I do next?

        Well, here is your chance to be introduced to the amazing world of symmetrical spinnakers. On Saturday, July 15 I will host a basic symmetrical spinnaker clinic from 10 am to noon. Parts of the sail, running rigging, sets, jibes and douses may be covered, as well as re-packing. Plus practice at the pier. As any card carrying member of Fore Deck Union knows it is 80% preparation, 5% luck and 15% having a clue. When it all goes right, I think I can hear the angles sing. Come on over and find out a clue or two on how to work the pointy end of the boat to have a successful spinnaker run.

        Don’t forget to plan on going sailing that afternoon to practice those skills. I plan to be doing just that.

        Please let me know if you will attend. Helps me plan a bit.


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