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First Touch RCYC Sponsored overnight race – 1/18/23

Welcome Forums Activities Racing First Touch RCYC Sponsored overnight race – 1/18/23

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        I set this up so that we can have a place to discuss. This is also part of the January Board meeting notes. I thought a forum post would make it easier for all to make comments and suggestions. Sound off!

        First Touch Proposal to RCYC Board re:
        New RCYC Sponsored Long Distance Race
        This is simply a first touch to start the process of thinking about such an event and no discussion is needed at the January
        Board meeting.
        The racing community has a growing interest in a local overnight race. There is not a race of this kind that is currently held
        in this area.
        RCYC sponsors both the medium distance and long-distance races on the Columbia River. Our current Race Lead and
        Assistant Race Lead are in favor of this new race.
        Many current racers have not sailed or raced overnight. This race would give those an opportunity to do so, as well as
        give experienced night racers the opportunity to hone their skills. Part of these skills are crew management (meals,
        watches…) and navigation.
        Overnight Race Proposal
        Race Name: TBD, but possibly “RCYC Over Night Race”
        Invitation to Race approximate language:
        All current SYSCO and OSCA members are invited to participate in the RCYC Over Night Race, starting by Day Mark 39
        near Frenchman’s Bar, with one turning mark, St. Helens Junction Bouey, left to Port. The first warning will be 1500 hrs on
        the designated Saturday. The finish line would be within 100 yards of the day mark 39 perpendicular to the shore. Finnish
        time would be self-reported to RCYC Race Lead, or other appointed person, email to be provided, by Monday, 1300 hrs,
        after the race. There will not be a race committee boat at the finish, so please self-report your finish time. Race will be
        held under the current Racing Rules of Sailing.
        Next Steps
        Should the board eventually give the green light to this proposal in a future meeting, the following will need to be explored:
        1) Verify insurance; Review with RCYC Insurance Lead and confirm approval.
        2) Form a working group of racers to make a better race plan.
        3) RCYC race group determines budget, communication plan, race support plan, race committee and timeline. Work
        with SYSCO and OSCA to set a date. Timely reports to the RCYC Board.
        4) Create awareness among the clubs by:
        a. Notice of Race
        b. Sailing Instructions
        c. Determine minimum number of participants for GO/NO GO decision.
        5) Launch and conduct race, with post-race report to Board.
        6) RCYC to decide if this should be an annual event.
        Thank you for your consideration.
        Submitted by: René Emch
        Version 3

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