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First Time Cruising to Astoria

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        Originally posted Jul 14, 2020

        Fellow RCYCers:

        My 12 year old son and I are cruising to Astoria for the first time from July 18-25 (Yes, corresponding with the Lazy Days). I am very excited and while I am doing my research in other ways, I am wondering what top 3 tips anyone might have for this excursion? Who else is going? Hope to see you all out there.

        Chris Sheesley
        Escapade (1984 Morgan 323)

        Reply by Colleen Moran Jul 14, 2020

        1 – Take your time and enjoy the anchorages along the way. Boat kids have way more fun rowing the dingy around in search of beaver dens in the inlets around Martin Slough or exploring Walker Island at low tide than they do cruising from dock to dock.

        2 – Binoculars & a radio tuned to 16 (or 13 for ship traffic) plus a chart turn your kid into your navigator. Keep the radio on for safety reasons (obviously) but also to plot ship movements. Bonus – have your son make entries in your logbook as he marks your progress toward different spots on the river.

        3 – Encourage your son to drive, especially when under sail, especially if it’s slightly challenging, aka fast (provided you’re comfortable with that scenario and you’re both wearing PFDs). Teach your son how to dock the boat (if you’re comfortable with the idea, conditions are safe, and you are not a “divorce docker”). Nothing instills confidence in a child quite like being in the captain’s seat.

        Colleen Moran
        RCYC boat kid

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