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        It’s time to part with my Singer Simple 3232 and move up to a more robust machine. One that can handle thicker material for upcoming projects. The 3232 treated me good through my boat cushions and curtain projects. It struggled but we persevered.

        So here I am wanting advice from any of you who have more experience than I. What machine do you recommend for general boat work? Specifically, a machine that can make clothing repairs/alterations and do some canvas work also. Maybe light sail repairs. However, the sail repair would be asking a lot. The Sailrite machines are nice but do straight stitch only and isn’t good with thinner materials.

        The Phaff 130 seems to fit the bill from the older market. I like that it’s an all manual machine. Easier to get parts if needed.

        On the new machine market, I’ve looked at the Singer HD (4411, 4423, etc.) models. In addition, the Baby Lock Zeal seems a better machine.

        Let me know your thoughts and recommendations.


    Viewing 0 reply threads
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