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    Two features that I would look for on any windvane – which the Aires on Velic did not have, regrettably:
    1) Ability to adjust the ‘gain’. That is: the ratio of input from air vane tilt to servo-pendulum rotation. Rotation of the oar shaft determines how hard and far the oar angles, which determines how much steering control is transmitted to the tiller. In heavy air, smaller gain would be advantages. In light air, more gain would be good. Or the ability to select a happy medium for your particular boat.
    2) Ability to fine tune ‘straight ahead’ of the oar after installation. With the Aries, straight ahead was totally dependent on a perfectly aligned installation. Yet, a few degrees off is troublesome, as the vane steering is biased port or starboard. And not in a straight line off the intended course, but resulting in a broad circle.