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    Thank you all for the good information. There is a wealth of good info here.

    I like the simplicity of the aux. rudder system such as the Hydrovane. Also, no lines in the cockpit. I can flip my tiller to the back and tie it neutral. This leaves the cockpit open. The e-rudder aspect is nice also. Not much to go wrong. Terry, from my understanding you do not need an autopilot to operate the Hydrovane. It can be hooked up as an option if desired.

    The Monitor is a proven vane on the Cascade.

    I checked out the Pacific and it looks viable, also.

    The Aries seems more involved with more moving parts. At least from the pictures I saw.

    Parts availability may help with the decision. I checked out some sites and found a few for sale. With 3 years left to get ready, I have some time. It is a bit nervy ordering from a 2nd hand party as I’m not always sure of the exact setup needed. When ordering from a dealer you get the help ordering and setting up. Looks like I have a bit more learning to do so I can make an educated purchase. Dealers are a bit spendy.

    Randy do you ever get back to Oregon? Roxana and I would love to meet with you and Ruth. We have lots of questions about your cruising. We are looking at retracing some of your steps.

    I found a good video that really shows how each system works and I now have a better understanding of each type.

    Wind vane explanation


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