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    Another unscientific impression:
    American boats tended toward Monitor first and the Hydrovane second.
    European, Australian, and NZ boats had a much more eclectic mix of designs.
    NZ boats had a high representation of home-built wind vanes, of various designs.

    Larger boats (50’+) tended to no windvane, relying entirely upon autopilots. But they had lots of acreage for solar and wind chargers, and all had gen-sets. Long and complex “dependency-chain” to keep an autopilot working.

    PS: I did rig my tiller-pilot to the Aries. Used in place of wind vane when motoring in no wind. Worked well enough. Draws much less power than trying to push-pull the tiller directly as horsepower to steer comes from the servo-pendulum oar. But a bit of a Rube Goldberg contraption. Velic had a big unbalanced rudder on a skeg, compared to the balanced spade rudder of a Cascade 36.