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    CJ. I use a Monitor. I am not sure why Randy says they are prone to breakage. I also have the emergency rudder kit, although I have never had to use it. I like the Monitor. My boat is a little hard-mouthed and the Monitor steers well on all points of sail–last summer I broad-reached for 6 hours in sizeable waves and 25 knots. My son and I used it constantly to and from the tropics. It stops working in very light winds, like they all do. That is why I have an auto-pilot. Simple and robust. Chuck Fisher has one and sailed all over the Pacific. Newer ones are 316 Stainless. Older ones were 304 (rust prone). I have some doubts about the HydroVane. Any vane that advises using both the vane and an autopilot coincidentally seems suspect. But many use them. Search craig’s list in sailing communities and Ebay. A friend of mine scored a $5K water maker, still in the box, for $1500 off Ebay. Finally, the folks at Scanmar that make and sell the Monitor are wonderful and knowledgeable.