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    For Tongue Point, look on the eastern side of chart #18521. This provides a good overview of the area. Go all the way in past the nav marker and turn to port, and into the anchorage.

    It’s a well charted completely sheltered anchorage. After WW2, this whole artificial harbor was carved out for storage of the large “mothball” fleet of Liberty ships. They are long gone, but the harbor remains. About a uniform 20 feet deep, mud/sand bottom, and your anchor will dig in easily. In past summers, there have been as many as 20 RCYC and SYSCO boats moored well clear of each other.
    You may spot eagles overhead and deer along the shores.

    Astoria, Cathlamet, and Ilwaco are great places if you need to find a grocery store or do some laundry, but that’s a different cruising experience altogether.

    For another neat anchoring place, check out Warren Slough on your chart. Also not a place to pick up or drop off crew, however.