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    Wow. All very thoughtful ideas. We are new members(2021) and our experience has been downright positively friendly. Much better than our experience at at another yacht club down river for a couple years for example.

    I think RCYC is unique it’s very makeup. I bet it accounts for the positive and maybe an occasional negative. At every marina we’ve been in someone else has been responsible for security. There has been paid staff responsible for screening strangers. I remember once in Seattle at Elliott Bay Marina (where we had our boat for over 10 years), a group of 6 of us, guys(machinery show) went down to see our boat. Pretty soon here comes a couple of staff wondering how we got through the gate. I guess our vibram soled work boats didn’t quite fit in…LOL.

    On the other hand I think the overwhelming possitive side of the ledger somes from the work parties. It’s hard not to remember and recognize the people you have worked with for a few hours.

    I like the approach someone else mentioned…start all introductions with something about yourself and I bet the information you want will soon follow.