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Reply To: Communication styles at RCYC – 10/14/22

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    I too have experienced several unsavory encounters, nearly identical to those George describes. Being a relatively new member, I generally try to brush them off and always assume positive intent. While that is easy enough for me to do, it has on occasion left a poor impression with my guests and, more discouragingly, with my significant other. Even though she isn’t a member, she spends just as much time at The Club as I do, and has even been questioned while participating in work parties. While maintaining the security of the club is certainly of the highest priority, I hope we can weigh the need for austerity against the welcoming, hospitable environment I believe we’re all hoping to create at RCYC.

    My practice – should I feel the need to approach a stranger – is to introduce myself first, rather than start the conversation with a cold, impersonal line questioning, and then we can get into the details of what brings us both to The Club. I like the way George put it: the burden of courtesy should sit with the initiator.

    Thanks for having the courage to speak out about this, George! Hopefully we can shift some, however small, behaviors and grow a more welcoming, inclusive environment.