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    Thank you John. Appreciate you and the sentiments. I’m sure we would have had a great chat if I had not been on a call and pre-loaded from previous interactions at RCYC.

    Since the original post was made on Friday, I have received over a dozen personal emails from other members (which will remain anonymous) sharing similar or worse experiences. Race crews, families, guests, members themselves are all referenced in those emails. This is not a one off or isolated incident though Bob is probably right that it may be just a few people needing adjustment. Let’s practice some “killing with kindness” as Bob says. He’s an expert at it and one of the friendliest and most approachable people i’ve met at RCYC.

    To the matter of vigilance and property safety: I personally believe these are completely detached from the matter at hand. What happens in portland, covid, etc should be 100% separate from the expectation of common courtesy and decorum at the club.

    As far as I am concerned the burden of courtesy sits with the initiator of an interaction. “Assuming the best of intentions and not otherwise” begins with the initiator.

    Thanks again John!