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    Hi George, I was the Member you call out in item #3.

    We have had numerous trespassers entering the RCYC property by climbing over the fence, slipping through the gate when it opens to allow vehicles to enter and exit as well as several times where the fence has been cut. The east side of the property by Salty’s is also accessible when the water is low.

    When I parked my car I looked up and saw a person by the pond and could only see their head and part of their shoulders due to the angle. There is generally no one up there and not being able to recognize you, I did walk up to the top of the pond to see who was there. As I was able to see that it was a person on a phone call and enjoying the sun with their dog, I said “Hi, I didn’t recognize you”. Not wanting to further interrupt your phone call, I smiled and went about my business at the Club. No confrontation or hostile move on my part.

    Please approach this encounter by assuming the best of intention and not other wise. Had you not been on a call, I would have hopefully engaged you with a pleasant conversation by introducing myself and meeting a fellow Member.

    It is all of our responsibility to ensure that our property is secure to whatever degree we feel is comfortable by starting with a smile and introduction, not confrontation. Unfortunately we have had way too many occasions when people have failed to honor our requests to not trespass on private property.

    I too encourage all Members to be courteous to all Members and their guests.