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    The progress on the tank was slow.  I had to have the sheet metal re-bent twice.  Then finished making a few more pieces. Once all the pieces were complete I took it to the welder.  He tacked in the baffles to hold the tank shape.   I then took the tank to the boat and installed it so I could mark the position of the attachment angles.  Then the tank went back to the welder.


    This is the supply tubes for the engine and the heater.  The heater supply is shorter so you never run yourself dry from using the heat.


    This will become the 2″ fill tube.


    Finally we have a tank.  Here we are pressure testing for leaks.


    A shot of the attachment angles.


    Once the testing was complete, as the builder I had to stamp it and certify the tank.

    Also if you reply, please reply to all so it hits this forum so others can participate.  Thanks.