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    My advice on choosing a windvane is you want something simple and sturdy, that you can service yourself. I would also talk to owners of similar sailboats about how their windvane worked.
    You have a Cascade 36 and a lot of Cascades have used Monitor wind vanes. They work well with both a tiller and a wheel. I was very pleased with my monitor. Many RCYC members have sailed with a Monitor. There are a lot of used ones available. If you are looking at a used Monitor the dealer will ID your unit with the serial number. There have been some up grades over the years so newer is better. I bought a used monitor, the most recent version and I rebuilt it. I ended up spending about 60% of what a new unit would of cost.

    Aries are less common than Monitors, another servo-pendulum design. Webster’s and Velic sailed a lot of miles with one.

    Hydrovanes were popular in Mexico. Part of the reason is that Hydrovane very actively markets their product and they have made upgrades over the years. They work on boats where the vane cannot be mounted in the center of the cockpit. Talk to Raven, Stenberg’s. They sailed with one.

    Good luck,