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Reply To: Smoothie rewire – 1/9/23


    Well, it’s been a while and a lot has changed. Smoothie now has a new electrical system. See below for the upgrade story.

    I started by gutting all wiring from the boat. I didn’t want to use any of the existing wire as the prior electrician (very loosely used title) skimped on wire size. Also, every wire took a different route through the boat and there were splices every 4 – 5 feet. None of the wire was dressed, many lockers had extra wire just laying in the locker not tied up. Residential electrical boxes and connectors were used.

    In addition, I had splices all over, some were 1/4″ from their destination. The world’s shortest extension. Circuiting was a disaster. For example, I had to turn on my fridge in order to power the shower sump. I had to unwire the steaming light when I got to an anchorage so I could land the anchor light, etc.

    The existing panel and cabinet were completely removed.

    Once all the wire, boxes, and panels were gone, I put in new pathways. The ceiling was a pathway for all ceiling lighting. Everything else went through a single pathway on either the starboard side or the port side of the boat. AC has a separate pathway from DC wherever possible. Separation between AC and DC was maintained.

    I purchased all new marine wire on Black Friday at 40% off. 460′ 12awg of flat duplex, red and black cable for DC circuits (20′ was 10awg). 120′ of 12awg round triplex cable for AC circuits. 50′ of marine grade battery cable.

    I purchased all new Paneltronics panels, an ELCI for stray current protection, a Victron galvanic isolator, Victron inverter, fiberglass boxes for AC plugs, new terminal strips, new waterproof connectors, waterproof ring terminals, low voltage plugs, marine grade heat shrink, a crimping tool, new cabin lights, new battery terminal lugs, new shore power plug. AC GFCI plugs, new battery switch, AC source switch, and misc. screws, ties, and saddles. All marine grade.

    Pics below are of the removed wire, boxes, and cabinet.


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