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    In my many years of being a teacher, I always had some students whose manners and communication skills were less than desirable. Most of my students were friendly, kind and welcoming to others. I would avoid making broad brush strokes in defining my class, or in this case, RCYC by the actions and comments of a few.

    In working for West Marine for 15 years, I never had a single comment about RCYC being a Fort Knox Yacht Club. People that I talked to always had complimentary things to say about RCYC. Maybe Eric and I walk in different circles, but I found his comments to be out of line and offensive.

    When meeting someone I am not familiar with at RCYC I always introduce myself and indicate that I have not met them before. If following introductions I find out they are not a member I will ask if they need some help in finding their host. I think during this time of covid, with so many new members and so few opportunities to meet each other, the number of introductory encounters has probably increased.

    I recommend that we all work at killing each other with kindness and let our better angels thrive.