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    Well, finally the day came for the new engine to be installed.  Three of our sons met us at the boat to make this happen.


    The crew: the electrician, the Admiral, the helicopter mechanic, the hi-tech wafer engineer, and the ….(I’ve been called a lot of thing).


    Beta 35.


    We hand lifted it off the truck onto the cart and wheeled it to the boat.  The dodger had to come off for the installation.  The side of the dodger can be seen in this picture, resting against the front of the walk.


    The lift.


    It was a tight fit and we had to turn the engine on it’s side to get it in place.  But Smoothie now has an engine, never to be moved again. Or so I thought.

    Also if you reply, please reply to all so it hits this forum so others can participate.  Thanks.