2018 Matt and Laura Richard

Commodore Matt Richard and First Lady Laura Richard

Welcome to the Rose City Yacht Club

Our connection together with Rose City Yacht Club stretches all the way back to 1974 when Laura and I were dating and she was that year’s RCYC Neptune’s Daughter. Over the years since we have made several of the Club cruises to Beacon Rock, Hadley’s Landing or especially the Lazy’s Days cruise down the Columbia River even while not members, but welcome guests. Just like Laura and her brother, our children were raised on the river, and very humbly, on the very sailboat her parents built and cruised, the family Chinook 34, “Shadow”. Rose City has always felt like home to us and in 2012 we made it official and joined the club.

RCYC is the club for active individuals, couples, and their families who come to the water with a spirit of adventure and friendship, and an attitude of safe boating. RCYC is known as a “do-it-yourself” club and RCYC members do “get it done!” Our members have made a home on the river, crossed oceans, won races and worked together to build a great club that is now in its 86th year.

No matter if you are a member of RCYC, looking to become a member, or it is simply general interest that has brought you to our website, please take a moment to explore what RCYC has to offer.

If you look under Forms and Documents you will find membership information under the heading of Membership Application.

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